Kauai Magazine April 2023

Kauai Magazine – Issue 1 – April 2023

Kauai Magazine - Issue 1 - April 2023

COVER: Participants in Kauai Backcountry Adventures’ Kauai Mountain Tubing activity float down canals built in the 1870s to irrigate the Lihue Sugar Plantation. [PHOTO: KAUAI MAGAZINE]


Kauai Mountain Tubing

Cool Runnings – Kauai Mountain Tubing Adventure

Everything you wanted to know about the Kauai Mountain Tubing Adventure!

Allerton Beach Kauai

Fit for a Queen – Allerton Beach Kauai

Allerton Beach is the secluded beach at the renowned Allerton Garden on Kauai’s South Shore.

Kauai Chickens Red Jungle Fowl

Kauai Chickens Gone Wild

Kauai Chickens are one of the signature symbols of Kauai. So what’s up with all these chickens, and why are some more colorful than others?

Abandoned Places on Kauai - Coco Palms

Abandoned Places on Kauai

If walls could talk, these abandoned places on Kauai would certainly have some interesting stories to tell.

Nawiliwili Kauai

Nawiliwili Spotlight

We take a closer look at the delightful Nawiliwili/Kalapaki Beach area of Kauai.

Aloha Theater Kauai

New Life for Hanapepe’s Historic Aloha Theater

The historic Aloha Theater in Hanapepe is undergoing a full renovation that is turning the once-condemned building into a boutique hotel with shops and dining.

Moalepe Trail

Where the Green Ferns Grow – Kauai’s Moalepe Trail

On Kauai’s Moalepe Trail fans of nature will be delighted to discover a tropical mountain environment teeming with ferns and other greenery.

Kauai Tree

Can you identify this tree found on Kauai’s Moalepe Trail?

Found on Kauaiā€™s Moalepe Trail, this tree has a spongy texture (like a marshmallow) with flaky bark.

Pools of Mokolea

Journey to the Pools of Mokolea

We hike to the Pools of Mokolea, an amazing section of lava rock tide pools that include a blowhole known as The Cauldron.

Puka Dog Kauai

Puka Dog – Hawaiian Style Hot Dogs on Kauai

Puka Dog has reinvented the classic hot dog with a Hawaiian twist.